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Poupee-Girl by ameba

Usually I would write both, English and German. But I hope my German readers won't mind when I write only in English for this post, since it got quite long. What I want to say: I wish you a lot of fun while practicing your English skills ;)

My latest hobby is quite childish - dressing up Poupee-Girl. And it doesn't make it better that it is a dress-up doll for teens and grown-ups. Yet, although it's childish it is a lot of fun because there is a large variety of clothes you can get and some nice activities. It's like second life, but not as exhausting, and five minutes per day are more than enough.


An overview of poupee town so you can check what I am talking about below.


Fashion items you can get by paying with ribbons. So the most important question:

How do I get ribbons ?

1 Login gets you 10 ribbons
2 Daily Dress-Up gets you another 10 ribbons
3 Every once in a while, you get a dress-up bonus: 30 ribbons
4 Perfect attendance (30 days dress-up in a row) gets you 200 ribbons
5 Post comment / get comment gets you 2 ribbons (it is polite to return the favour if some of your clothes got commented)
6 Post clothes gets you ? ? ? ribbons ? ? ?
7 Buy jewels and exchange them into ribbons (10 jewels = 25 ribbons)
8 Sell items at poupeemarket

How to spend ribbons?

1 At Poupeemarket, all poupees can sell the items they got (except official items from shops, as following below, and the items they got when they signed up)


2 In Katharine's Shop at the ribbon section. Usually, the items sold here are more beautiful and elaborate than those you can get at poupee market (although there are exceptions to the rule).

3 At Beauty Poupee (which I quite detest as I don't like facial alteration in virtual life as I don't in reality)

4 To change your poupees hairstyle or colour at the dress-up page.

What are jewels ? And how to spend them?

There are some items you can only get with jewels. Unfortunately, you have to pay for them. That is why there are a lot of poupees who are completely against jewels. You can pay various amounts, and for each amount larger than 10 $, you get a special, monthly item and the number of jewels increase proportional. You might also get jewels by signing up to sponsoring sites - but I only recommend that if you're written Japanese is fluent.


1 At Katharines Shop there is a special jewel section. Actually, often those items are even prettier than the ones you can get in the ribbon section (there appears to be a kind of hierarchy).

2 At celebrity shops. These are shops with clothes that would suit some shooting star from Japanese pop market. At the moment, it's Tsuji Nozomi and Aya Hirayama. To be honest, I didn't know any of those two. Yet, I liked the clothes by Tsuji-san.



And what the heck are shells? And how do I get them?

When you throw five shells into Shell Spring, you get a poupee item out of it. So shells are pretty popular because you might get something really good looking and / or expensive so you can dress up with it or get a nice amount of ribbons at poupee market. Yet, you might as well get something plain and / or cheap. It's a chance 50:50.

How to get them?

1 Buy them at poupee market (anything above 5 ribbons per shell is too expensive)

2 Get them by posting clothes

3 Recycle old, cheap clothes at "sell items"

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4 Sometimes you can get them at the profile pages of other poupees. A cute little bird (piyo) drops it to the ground.

Are there any other ways to get items?

Of course there are.

1 Post clothes and you will not only get ribbons, but special items on top. As an advice: don't post more than 5 clothes per day, or you might get only shells, or nothing, sometimes not even ribbons. Please follow the restrictions since there are a few things like hairstyles etc you are not allowed to post. Violating those restrictions might cost you 20 ribbons and any random item.

2 At poupee amusement. You have to spend 30 ribbons to attend in a game with a small bird (piyo) which has to fly into the sky without bursting the balloons around. My experience: You neither get expensive nor good-looking clothes out of it - so it's a waste of ribbons.

3 As a present. You're poupee friends might buy items from the present section at Katharine's Shop and give them to you.

So the last thing to do: Sign Up and get friends with me.

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